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About Us

Pennsylvania is the home to more than 40,000 American Quarter Horses.  The Keystone Quarter Horse Associations mission is to promote the American Quarter Horse in the state of Pennsylvania, support its owners, as well as owners of horses of all breeds and to educate the owners on the benefits of horse ownership to all in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide the same level of support to all of Quarter Horse owners from the recreational owner to the breeder or trainer. 

Our primary support mechanism which KQHA provides is the Keystone Showdown, a five day horse show which begins with a novice show and is followed by an AQHA show.  This show allows owners to enjoy exhibiting their horses and to spend time with others in the industry.  The shows provide whole family entertainment in an encouraging and positive environment.


In addition the benefits provided its members, KQHA also contributes to the goodwill of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Through “good clean fun” the association promotes and teaches our youth responsibility, compassion and sportsmanship which carries out the of show rings and into the good of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

Finally the horse industry in Pennsylvania is a multi-billion dollar industry which pumps millions of dollars into the economy annually.  On a smaller scale, communities that host horse show and other equine events benefit from the extreme influx of tourism related dollars during event days.  Participants spend money at local restaurants, gas restaurants, etc. in town to attend horse shows.

KQHA is a non profit organization and relies on volunteerism and monetary donations to be able to effectively offer programs to its members.  Members of this organization are passionate about the benefits of the equine industry to our families and particularly our youth.  We truly believe “the outside of the horse is good for the inside of a man”